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Actor-Network Theory and Technology Innovation

Actor-Network Theory and Technology Innovation

Actor-Network Theory and Technology Innovation

Arthur Tatnall

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Sociedad y cultura: general
236,26 €
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About 25 years ago, the first developments of ANT (Actor-Network Theory) took place, but it wasn’t until much later that researchers began to take it seriously. In the late 1990s, ANT began to take hold in the scientific community as a new and exciting approach to socio-technical research and social theory. Actor-Network Theory and Technology Innovation: Advancements and New Concepts provides a comprehensive look at the development of actor-network theory itself, as well as case studies of its use to assist in the explanation of various socio-technical phenomena. This book includes topics relating to technological innovation; both those using actor-network theory as an explanatory framework and those using other approaches. It is an excellent source of information regarding ANT as an approach to technological innovation and its link to ICT (Information Communication Technology).

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