A Thin Line

A Thin Line

A Thin Line

Carlee Odems

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11,38 €
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Quaint Larson Valley, situated at the foot of the mountains, is a place residents adore; they never want to leave the peaceful valley. It’s a place where dreams are born and grow into treasured realities. Jillian Henderson also loves Larson Valley and once had those dreams. As she grows into a beautiful long-legged girl, her peace is stolen. She finds the waterfall as the true place to cast her sorrows. One morning, Jillian doesn’t understand what’s happening to her mind and body. At one moment, she is a normal and happy little girl surrounded by a family who loves her. Then she wakes up as a person she doesn’t recognize. She is torn between two worlds-a world of make-believe and a world of reality. Her best friend and confidant, Betty Goody, absorbs her disoriented life into Jillian’s so closely that her world becomes tangled with everlasting confusion.Will Jillian ever be able to distinguish one world from the other? Can she live in two worlds? In this spellbinding novel for teens, one woman discovers a secret-a secret even she didn’t know existed. 3

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