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  • Innovative Strategies and Frameworks in Climate Change Adaptation
    Alexander G. Flor / Benjamina Gonzalez Flor
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  • Changing Deserts
    Deserts - vast, empty places where time appears to stand still. The very word conjures images of endless seas of sand, blistering heat and a virtual absence of life. However, deserts encompass a large variety of landscapes and life beyond our stereotypes. As well as magnificent Saharan dunes under blazing sun, the desert concept encompasses the intensely cold winters of the Gob...
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  • Exploration Science
    Dr Peter T Scott
    About Exploration ScienceHave you wondered what the science of geology is all about?Together we will explore of the surface and sub-surface of the Earth, the sub-branches of geology, including mineralogy, petrology (rocks), palaeontology (fossils), geochemistry, seismology (earthquakes), engineering geology, and many more.The scientific method used by all scientists as well as ...
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  • E-Learning for Geographers
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  • Checklist of Papuasian Orchids
    Paul Ormerod
    This is the most comprehensive account to date of all Papua New Guineas wild orchids and will no doubt prove to be the essential reference to PNG's orchids for all botanists, ecologists and orchid enthusiasts for decades to come. All types and relevant data including where published are listed and the herbariums where they are kept. All synonymous names, where published and...
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  • Ostafrikanische Studien
    Werner Munzinger
    Ostafrikanische Studien ist ein unveränderter, hochwertiger Nachdruck der Originalausgabe aus dem Jahr 1864.Hansebooks ist Herausgeber von Literatur zu unterschiedlichen Themengebieten wie Forschung und Wissenschaft, Reisen und Expeditionen, Kochen und Ernährung, Medizin und weiteren Genres. Der Schwerpunkt des Verlages liegt auf dem Erhalt historischer Literatur. Viele Werke h...
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  • El latido del agua
    Felicitas Rebaque
    Lucía, huérfana de padres, espera angustiada la muerte de su abuela, Esperanza, con la que vive en un pueblo de la montaña. Su abuela ha sido su maestra de vida. Le ha enseñado a descubrir y a entender el lenguaje de la naturaleza y la importancia del amor hacia todo lo creado. Cuando fallezca, se quedará sola. Pero la vida te hace regalos inesperados. Y así lo sintió cuando co...
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  • La argentina y el cambio climático
    Vicente Barros
    La actualidad que reviste en estos días la problemática del Cambio Climático tiene un carácter indiscutible. A diario, desde diferentes sectores (científicos, de divulgación, informativos) de uno u otro modo se aborda la cuestión por medio de noticias, comentarios, difusión de nuevos descubrimientos en el tema, alertas. De este modo, es evidente que el fenómeno se extiende a tr...
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  • El universo... símplemente
    J.M. Ordóñez
    Soy un profesional de la Agronomía que, en el lapso de medio siglo, he gozado del privilegio de haber vivido, día tras día, rodeado de la madre naturaleza, observando los milagrosos fenómenos físicos y orgánicos que en forma asombrosa ocurren en el reino vegetal y animal. No hemos podido menos que inclinarnos con asombro, máximo respeto y reverencia ante la Infinita sabiduría c...
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  • Ciudades, subregiones y redes en el suroccidente colombiano
    José Darío Sáenz / Varios
    Este libro se propuso estudiar distintos tipos de dinámicas intermunicipales en el Suroccidente colombiano, seleccionando los catorce municipios más relevantes del espacio abordado comprendido por los departamentos de Nariño, Cauca y Valle del Cauca, para dar cuenta de la configuración y características de diferentes redes de ciudades entre estos y, desde allí, de la existencia...
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  • Principles Of Geology
    Charles Lyell
    Principles Of Geology: Or, The Modern Changes Of The Earth And Its Inhabitants Considered As Illustrative Of Geology.This book is a result of an effort made by us towards making a contribution to the preservation and repair of original classic literature.In an attempt to preserve, improve and recreate the original content, we have worked towards:1. Type-setting & Reformatting: ...
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  • Biological Communities Respond to Multiple Human-Induced Aquatic Environment Change
    Perturbations linked to the direct and indirect impacts of human activities during the Anthropocene affect the structure and functioning of aquatic ecosystems to varying degrees. Some perturbations involve stress to aquatic life, including soil and water acidification, soil erosion, loss of base cations, release of trace metals/organic compounds, and application of essential nu...
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  • Overcoming Data Scarcity in Earth Science
    heavily Environmental mathematical models represent one of the key aids for scientists to forecast, create, and evaluate complex scenarios. These models rely on the data collected by direct field observations. However, assembly of a functional and comprehensive dataset for any environmental variable is difficult, mainly because of i) the high cost of the monitoring campaigns an...
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  • The Problem of Increasing Human Energy
    Nikola Tesla
    NIKOLA TESLA was one of the most influential inventors of the last century. Eventually holding over 700 patents, Tesla worked in a number of fields, including electricity, robotics, radar, and the wireless transmission of energy. His discoveries laid the groundwork for many of the twentieth century’s greatest technological advances.This book explains Tesla’s thoughts on humanit...
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  • When The Moon Came
    L. Mason Jones
    This is a work that examines the many mysteries and anomalies regarding our Moon.  It has been said that there is no scientific consensus of opinion regarding the Moon and its origins.  A scientist also stated, “By all known cosmic laws the Moon should not be there”.  Over 800 lbs of Moon rock have been retrieved that instead of explaining the Moon and its mysteries, have only ...
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  • Landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean between the Future and the Past
    Landscapes have long been viewed as ’multifunctional’, integrating ecological, economic, sociocultural, historical, and aesthetic dimensions. Landscape science and public awareness in Europe have been progressing in leaps and bounds. The challenges involved in landscape-related issues and fields, however, are multiple and refer to landscape stewardship and protection, as well a...
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  • Agroforestry Systems
    Planting trees in the agricultural landscape, in the form of establishing agroforestry systems, has a significant role to play in potentially improving ecosystem services, such as increased biodiversity, reduced soil erosion, increased soil carbon storage, improved food security and nutrition, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. While the role of trees in agroforestry systems...
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  • Mapping the Ottomans
    Palmira Brummett
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  • Offshore Wind Farms
    The coastal zone is the host to many human activities, which have significantly increased in the last decades. However, sea level rise and more frequent storm events severely affect beaches and coastal structures, with negative consequences and dramatic impacts on coastal communities. These aspects add to typical coastal problems, like flooding and beach erosion, which already ...
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  • The Danube River | Major Rivers of the World Series Grade 4 | Children’s Geography & Cultures Books
    Baby Professor
    The Danube River is the second largest river in Europe. It flows through ten countries and history has it that it once served as a frontier of the Roman Empire. A river that has flowed through time would definitely carry so many lessons and memories. You will learn about these tidbits of information in this book. Don’t forget to buy a copy today. ...
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  • ASTER 20th Anniversary
    The Advanced Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) is a research facility instrument on NASA’s Terra spacecraft. We celebrated the 20th anniversary of ASTER’s launch in December 1999. ASTER has been providing high spatial resolution multispectral data in the VNIR, SWIR, and TIR regions, and along-track stereo data. Starting April 2016, ASTER data have been distribu...
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  • Enteric Viruses in Aquatic Environments
    This Special Issue contains one review and five original articles, all of which address cutting-edge research in the field of water and environmental virology. The review article by Gerba and Betancourt summarizes the current status and future needs for the development of virus detection methods in water reuse systems, especially focusing on methods to assess the infectivity of...
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  • Evaluación de Barış Manço Parque Infantil a Criterios de Seguridad
    Umut Pekin Timur / Özgür Burhan Timur
    Los parques infantiles son tan efectivos para el desarrollo social, sensual, cognitivo y físico de los niños. Estos terrenos, si no se diseñan con criterios significativos, pueden causar daños y lesiones que afectan negativamente al desarrollo del niño. El libro presenta consejos que llevan a los arquitectos paisajistas y otras disciplinas de diseño a evaluar la adecuación de l...
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  • Évaluation de Barış Manço l’aire de jeux pour enfants
    Umut Pekin Timur / Özgür Burhan Timur
    Les aires de jeux sont si efficaces pour le développement social, sensuel, cognitif et physique des enfants. Ces terrains, s’ils n’étaient pas conçus selon des critères significatifs, peuvent causer des blessures et des traumatismes qui affectent négativement le développement de l’enfant. L’ouvrage présente des conseils à l’intention des architectes paysagistes et d’autres disc...
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  • Bewertung von Barış Manço Kinderspielplatz nach Sicherheitskriterien
    Umut Pekin Timur / Özgür Burhan Timur
    Spielplätze sind so effektiv für die soziale, sinnliche, kognitive und körperliche Entwicklung der Kinder. Wenn diese Böden nicht in wesentlichen Kriterien gestaltet werden, können sie Verletzungen und Verstöße verursachen, die die Entwicklung des Kindes negativ beeinflussen. Das Buch enthält Tipps, die zu Landschaftsarchitekten und anderen Designerdisziplinen führen, um die An...
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  • Geoinformatyka na rzecz zrównoważonej gospodarki odpadami stałymi
    Suraj Kumar Singh / Shruti Kanga / Varun Narayan Mishra
    Gospodarka odpadami staje się poważnym problemem zdrowotnym i środowiskowym na obszarach miejskich, pół-miejskich, a nawet wiejskich wielu krajów rozwijających się. Odpady są nieuchronnie związane z działalnością człowieka, rozwojem gospodarczym, urbanizacją i rosnącym standardem życia w miastach, mają połączenie z prostownikiem do wzrostu ilości i jakości wytwarzanych odpadów....
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  • Le labyrinthe géo-économique du Caucase du Sud
    Giorgi Kvinikadze
    Aujourd’hui, il existe un certain nombre de définitions souvent contradictoires de la géoéconomie qui s’éloignent de la formulation originale. Partant de là, le livre aborde les questions de dynamique du concept initial de géoéconomie. La conception théorique de l’auteur est utilisée pour l’étude des questions géoéconomiques des pays du Caucase du Sud. Chaque pays aspire aux ob...
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  • Approaches, Advances and Applications in Sustainable Development of Smart Cities
    This book aims to contribute to the conceptual and practical knowledge pools in order to improve the research and practice on the sustainable development of smart cities by bringing an informed understanding of the subject to scholars, policymakers, and practitioners. This book seeks articles offering insights into the sustainable development of smart cities by providing in-dep...
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  • Remote Sensing Based Building Extraction
    Building extraction from remote sensing data plays an important role in urban planning, disaster management, navigation, updating geographic databases, and several other geospatial applications. Even though significant research has been carried out for more than two decades, the success of automatic building extraction and modeling is still largely impeded by scene complexity, ...
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  • Introduction to Earth Sciences
    For more than seven decades, geophysicists have made significant contributions to the description of solid Earth and deep space, based on the physical properties; on the exploration and production of the resources deep in the ground; and on an understanding and mitigation of the hazards associated with the Earth's dynamics, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis,...
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