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  • Message for the Dead
    Jason Anspach / Nick Cole
    Survive the Future.As Legion Commander Keller attempts to coax the Republic and Black Fleet into a winner-take-all battle at the heart of the Galactic Core, Wraith uncovers secrets from Tyrus Rechs’s past. Determined to liberate his crew from the clutches of a dormant fleet controlled by a hostile AI, the soldier-turned-rogue comes face to face with the galaxy’s greatest threat...
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  • Cosmic Swan
    Bill Copeland / JW 'Bill' Copeland
    This exciting book starts with a bang, as a California family lives through a powerful earthquake. The whole Earth is being plagued with a series of shattering earthquakes, tsunamis, and loss of life. Everyone believes it is the end of the world. A geologist, Mark, investigates the strange tectonic phenomena and discovers a mind-blowing secret under the holy Mt. Kailas in Tibet...
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  • C.H.U.D. Lives!
    Jonathan Maberry / Tim Waggoner / Mort Castle
    Today’s top Horror and SF authors pay tribute to C.H.U.D. in this anthology of original fiction. C.H.U.D. is a genre defying, cult classic film featuring monsters living in the sewers below New York. The stories in this anthology expand the world created by the film and add depth to the C.H.U.D. universe like never before. From stories of apocalyptic horror and all out monster...
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  • The Color of Greed
    Norman Westhoff
    In this sequel to Stone Fever, a year has passed since geologist Keltyn SparrowHawk, abandoned in post-glacial Antarctica by her crew-mates from Canada, survived a near-fatal bullet wound. Now, she tries to make a new life with the nomadic tribe that took her in, but clues point to mega-industrialist Sir Oscar Bailey readying a second mission to exploit the iridium treasure by ...
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  • Dragons of Hyperborea
    D. G. Shipton
    What if in a future time, on a new system of planets, humanity has a second chance to learn to live in harmony with the Creator, creation, and one another?  A remnant of the Knights Templar, known as the Fidelian Knights tries to maintain the balance of justice, knowledge, and faith. These Fidelian Knights have united with the Commonwealth Alliance in a struggle against the ris...
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  • Time Grunts - Volume One
    Evan K Pozios
    DIRTY DOZEN meets TIME BANDITS.October, 1944. Nazi fortunes appear bleaker by the day as the Allied noose around Germany tightens during the waning days of World War II. But in the bowels of the Wenceslas Mines, a terrible threat has emerged . . . The Nazis have discovered the ability to conquer time itself with the help of a new ominous device! Now a rag tag group of American ...
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  • In the Mind of Revenge
    Liv Hadden
     indieBRAG Medallion & 5-Star Foreword Clarion Review Winner'Raw and honest, a spectacular in-depth character study.' - Foreword Clarion Reviews, 5/5 stars  In the Mind of Revenge takes a deep look at how monsters are born. Set in a society that glorifies “normal” and demonizes different, this dark tale takes its readers on an emotionally wild ride of vengeance, murder, pain,...
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  • Social Media Central
    Kevin Klehr
    In an age where everyone lives their lives through a screen, no one has more celebrity status than fashion blogger, Madeline Q. In a chance meeting, Tayler, loner and geek, is introduced to her world of parties, fan worship, and seduction.But as his own star rises, Madeline Q is arrested for murder. There’s just one problem—there is no corpse. Tayler soon learns that fiction bl...
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  • Bat Blood
    Richard I Myerscough
    After Sarah Douglas is attacked and infected with the blood of a gargoyle-like creature, the cancer that riddled her body vanishes.  The attack draws the attention of Doctor Scott, the scientist who inadvertently was responsible for infecting a colony of bats, and changing them into intelligent creatures that could threaten mankind.As the infected blood slowly transforms Sarah&...
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  • The Sting of the Bee
    K.E Lanning
    Catastrophic global warming has melted the ice caps—John Barrous will stop at nothing to stake his claim on the rich, virgin continent of Antarctica.After the murder of his wife, John escapes urban strife for the quiet life of farming. He and his fifteen-year-old daughter join in a United Nations PR event, but the Oklahoma-style land rush turns into a race against ruthless, arm...
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  • Planet Nightmare
    Murray Leinster
    In a far distant future mankind must cope with huge insects and titanic fungus growths. Life has been greatly altered, and Man is now in the process of becoming acclimated to the change. Burl, our hero, must not only deal with the huge insects and the terror that they inspire but with a far greater danger menacing the human race the deadly Red Dust. Preoccupied with staying ali...
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  • Wonder Stories Super Pack
    Fletcher Pratt
    Wonder Stories was founded by legendary publisher Hugo Gernsback after he left Amazing Stories. Wonder Stories thrived in one form or another for more than thirty years, briefly rivaling even Astounding. This four hundred plus page anthology collects ten important stories from the magazine's zenith. ...
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  • The Worshippers
    Damon Knight
    Destiny reached out a hand to Algernon Weaver-but he was a timid man, at first. But on the strange world of Terranova, there was much to be learned-of destiny, and other things.… ...
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  • Space Science Fiction Super Pack
    Philip K. Dick
    Space Science Fiction was launched in may of 1952. During it's impressive run it published many of Science Fictions top writers. Collected here in this massive six hundred plus page anthology are all of the most important stories that were published during its distinguished run. ...
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  • The Sound of His Horn
    The legendary 1952 dystopian/alternative history novel about British naval lieutenant Alan Querdillon, who becomes a POW during the Battle of Crete during World War II, and awakens in a Nazi-controlled world 102 years after the war. He is hunted by a 'Reichsforester' and takes refuge with genetically mutilated 'undesirables'-one of the first fictional descriptions of genetic ma...
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  • The Planet Savers
    Marion Zimmer Bradley
    In The Planet Savers Marion Zimmer Bradley introduced the world to her amazing Darkover series. A disease threatens all of Darkover and the only man that can save Darkover has a multiple personality disorder. He is two distinct men. But two men who hate one another and vie for possession of their one body. But to save Darkover they must work together. ...
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  • Star Surgeon
    Alan E. Nourse
    A Sector General Novel In the far future Humans are part of an intergalactic civilization populated with countless alien races. Humans are prized for their medical expertise and make up almost all of doctors in the galaxy. Dal Timgar is the first non-human to attempt to become a qualified physician recognized by the Hospital Earth. But, before he reaches his goal he and his co...
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  • Bear Trap
    Alan E. Nourse
    The Secretary of State has died and Tom Shandor discovers that the Secretary requested that he put together his official biography for national consumption. Shandor has no idea why he's been chosen for the project nor the shocking secrets he'll find once he starts the project. There's more riding on the choices he will make than he could possible imagined. ...
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  • The Voyages of the Solar Queen
    Andre Norton
    The Solar Queen is a trader ship crewed by Dane Thorson, Tau, and Captain Jellico. These are her voyages. The Plague Ship: The Solar Queen and her crew have the trading rights to the wealthy planet Sargol, But to take advantage of them and see a any return on their investment they must fight the Reptilian Gorp, negotiate with the cat-like Salariki, and find a cure for the slee...
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  • Project Mastodon
    Clifford D. Simak
    Hudson lay in his sleeping bag, staring at the sky. It bothered him a lot. There was not one familiar constellation, not one star that he could name with any certainty. This juggling of the stars, he thought, emphasized more than anything else in this ancient land the vast gulf of years which lay between him and the Earth where he had been-or would be-born. ...
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  • martyr
    Alan E. Nourse
    Rejuvenation for the millions-or rejuvenation for the five hundred lucky ones, the select ones, that can be treated each year? Tough, independent Senator Dan Fowler fights a one-man battle against the clique that seeks perpetual power and perpetual youth, in this hard-hitting novel by Alan E. Nourse. Why did it have to be his personal fight? The others would fumble it-they'd fo...
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  • Second Sight
    Alan E. Nourse
    (Note: The following excerpts from Amy Ballantine's journal have never actually been written down at any time before. Her account of impressions and events has been kept in organized fashion in her mind for at least nine years (even she is not certain when she started), but it must be understood that certain inaccuracies in transcription could not possibly have been avoided in ...
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  • The Wind People
    Marion Zimmer Bradley
    Sometimes she had walked for days at a time in that dream; she would wake to find food that she could not remember gathering. Somehow, pervasive, the dream voices had taken over; the whispering winds had been full of voices and even hands. She had fallen ill and lain for days sick and delirious, and had heard a voice which hardly seemed to be her own, saying that if she died th...
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  • The Sentimentalists
    Murray Leinster
    You do not always have to go looking for a guardian angel. He may be looking for you-but perhaps for somebody else's benefit! Rhadampsicus and Nodalictha were on their honeymoon, and consequently they were sentimental. To be sure, it would not have been easy for humans to imagine sentiment as existing between them ...
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  • Industrial Revolution
    Poul Anderson
    Ever think how deadly a thing it is if a machine has amnesia-or how easily it can be arranged . . . . Paul Anderson has woven a web of adventure, heroism, and revolution. Anderson asks the hard questions about our future. ...
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  • Xakatan III
    Tony Amca
    Pour yourself a drink, sit down, relax and Live the Dream.A well educated social drop out, Pedro Bolivar became a lone fisherman who lived on a coastal shack near Recife (Brazil). Befriended by the Akazi (a small Indio tribe relocated from Amazonia to the same peninsula), he soon gained the attentions of two of their young Indio girls (Deedee and Ara). Life however was not done...
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  • Fantastic Stories Presents the Worlds of If Super Pack #1
    K. Dick Philip
    Worlds of If was a three time winner of the Hugo Award for best science fiction magazine. Worlds of If discovered many talented writers who would go on to dominate genre fiction. Here are more than 250,000 words of some of the best stories ever published in its pages. 3 ...
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  • Fantastic Stories Presents the Weird Tales Super Pack #2
    Robert E. Howard
    Weird Tales launched in March of 1923 and the world was never the same again. While Pulp magazines had been around for some time Weird Tales was the first pulp magazine to specialize in super natural fiction. Weird Tales single handedly created the field of genre fiction as we know it. No longer did readers of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror have to seek out single stories...
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  • Frederik Pohl Super Pack
    Frederik Pohl
    Frederik Pohl was an influential writer and editor. As an editor he won three Hugo awards for best professional magazine. As a writer he won four Hugo Awards and three Nebulas. Pohl was awarded the title of Grand Master by the Science fiction Writers of America and is a member of the Science Fiction Hall of fame. Collected here are a novel and five stories that helped Pohl carv...
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  • Fantastic Stories Presents the Fantastic Universe Super Pack #3
    E. Robert Howard
    Fantastic Universe started publishing in 1953 and continued until March 1960. It was one of the better magazines to launch during the boom in science fiction magazines publishing. It published many important stories by some of the fields best known writers. This is our third Fantastic universe Superpack. Collected in this over sized edition are more than 100,000 words of scienc...
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