Why Is Light So Damned Capricious?

Why Is Light So Damned Capricious?

Why Is Light So Damned Capricious?

Jim Boice

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Jim Boice
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         Mejor con la mariposa

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         Otra opinión, otra religión,
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         Pantalla de Nike iD en Reuters

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         Dredd vs Death

         The Live of the Saints

         Campaña de inauguración del Museo de Ciencia Ficción

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         Fútbol vertical

         It?s raining men

         La primera iglesia hinchable del mundo


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         Desnudo en los Comunes

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         Go Cubic

         Siéntase orgulloso de su inodoro


         Sprint imposible


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         Remember Rainier

         Pollo a su servicio

         Pelea de gallos

I was raised as a blank slate when it came to just about everything but especially religion. This led me to think about death differently. “Why Is Light So Damned Capricious?” investigates a unique experience I had by connecting it to my childhood, my grandmother’s death at 101 years old, and my wife’s first miscarriage. Although this is not a particularly long story, it is my story. Since we are all connected by different sets of circumstances that capriciously intersect with who we are, this could be your story, too.

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