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        There was a time – some millenia ago – when much of the land was united under the rule of a great queen.  When Sennorra passed, her peaceful legacy began to fray.  Successive rulers strove to keep the realm together, but the differences of their citizens began to rip the empire apart at the seams.             Auriga, the Goddess of healing, light, and love, was devastated on the behalf of Her loyal subjects.  In answer to the prayers of Her people, She sent them a gift as reconciliation:  every person who truly loved Her was given a partner – a highly intelligent animal – who would share with them their every joy and sorrow.             Ketral, the God of war, pain, and chaos, was irked to not have been the first to have this idea.  Not to be outdone, the God gave each of His loyal warriors more life-giving magic, which granted these devoted men and women the ability to shift their physical forms into the likeness of an animal.  In His haste, Ketral proved sloppier than the Goddess; His gift was divided unevenly, so that some gained powerful mindspeech, while others had none of this ability at all.             And so the countries of Sennor and Devali came to be, and we now find ourselves in a land divided and at war.             Follow Tsuga as she navigates the dangers of war, political intrigue, and magic in a world that history has forgotten, in a land lost to time.

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