The Tiny Art Gallery

The Tiny Art Gallery

The Tiny Art Gallery

David Diethelm

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A radical idea:  Make a tiny art gallery for neighbors to create, show and borrow tiny art. Loan paint, canvases and brushes to encourage everyone to participate. Create a website to show what is in the gallery, and  how the borrowed art was appreciated in the borrower’s homes in fun an amusing ways.  It all comes together in The Tiny Art Gallery: A Community Art Project  Follow the project from the first idea to construction and installation, and through nearly 7 months of art. Pieces donated by neighbors and friends from near and far. The project has been embraced by the neighborhood and all kinds of wonderful art has been made for the Tiny Art Gallery, all available for neighbors to borrow and enjoy. Over 60 color images of the project and the art. Follow and support the project online at: | Facebook @TinyArtGallery

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