The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer

Prophetess Jacqueline Lindsey

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13,43 €
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The Silent Killer is a power packing, life changing, spirit-filled book, reaping with wisdom and revelation with one goal in mind, to equip mankind with power of the word written within the pages of this book. There are some prophetic answers given through the power of The Holy Spirit designed to initiate deliverance and healing for the heart and soul of mankind. With that being said, position yourselves to repent and receive your ultimate breakthrough and move forward into your true identity and destiny................ Your blessing is in the hand of Yeshua but first inorder to receive from him you must be willing to disengage yourself from idol thinking, selfish ambition of immorality....... Remember your tomorrow is no better than the decision you are making right now! This book is to inspire you and to cause spiritual growth as you turn the content of these pages, 'read' be enlighten and blessed in Jesus name!

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