The Audacity of God's Power

The Audacity of God's Power

The Audacity of God's Power

Femi Folorunsho

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How much worse could it get for me? After several failed marriages, unemployment, and the threat of losing my house a few years ago, I had to turn to God for a 911 intervention. At that point in time, I just lost my job and my ex-wife had just moved out with all her furniture, including the accessories and mattress. I thought I had reached my limit, but with Gods grace I bounced back and refused to be defeated. One of the greatest lessons learned then is to stay faithful to God, hold on to Him because He's the only one that could help me throughout my days in the wilderness. The Audacity of Gods power shows how toughness of a man or woman cannot be measured through their physical stature, but rather the ability to stay strong and reach-out to God for assistance. Challenges are inevitable, they are like the weather or a season, no matter how undesirable they appear at one point. A better one will surely replace the not too great ones. As for me, it was my willingness to ask for Gods help that ultimately saved me and allowed Him to go the extra mile for me and my family.

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