Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

Bohdan Pastuszak

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18,52 €
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The fictitious story commence in the City of Brotherly Love. Roman, the only child in the family became a part time student at Drexel Institute of Technology.One time, while walking from school, Roman became involved in a very unpleasant confrontation with one of the teenage gang member who, by installing a sharp knife against his throat, demanded money.Being more muscular, with a slight knowledge of karate, Roman managed to free himself from that encounter and convinced his assailant to talk this whole thing over a cup of coffee at the nearby diner. And during Roman’s persuasive words, the assailant agreed to meet with Roman again.When, during his continuous embarrassments, George, the gang member, realized that this conduct of his will lead him nowhere, he decided to gain Roman’s friendship to unwind his confusing life style instigated by his father after his mother’s death.When George’s meeting with Roman and his friend Maria occurred, George fell in love with Maria and with the help of both of them managed to conquer his confusion.The story is intermingled with strong love affair between George and Maria, during which the intervention of Maria’s mother, made him to accept the position as a correspondent on the battle grounds of Vietnam where he managed to escape many death confrontations.When love finally overcame the entire predicament, George not only managed to prove his journalistic vocation, but God also blessed him with the most wonderful family.The author is trying to prove that the most important factor of society is the control of a child from the day it was born until its total independence. In case of a parental failure to install that controlling directive within the child’s system, confusion will take root and create the most unbearable embarrassment for the child’s remaining existence.

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