Obama Quiz Book

Obama Quiz Book

Obama Quiz Book

Jeanette Ivory Williamson

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Oxford y Cambridge
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The Obama Quiz Book includes questions that are educational and informative. The questions have been carefully compiled by Williamson using materials from President Barack Obama's novels; newspapers; magazines; Library of Congress collections and other governmental resources. There are two questions on each page; the answers to the questions, along with information sources and additional explanatory notes are printed on the back of each page. The first chapter presents questions about the United States Presidency. The questions and answers in Chapter 2 were selected from the information gathered about President Obama's childhood. President Obama's college years are featured in Chapter 3. President Obama's years as a community organizer in Chicago, Illinois provides the material for questions in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 highlights President Obama's days at Harvard Law School. The years that President Obama spent as a University of Chicago Lecturer, Civil Rights attorney, and Chicago politician can be found in Chapter 6. Chapter 7 provides details about the 2008 Presidential Campaign. President Obama's books, Grammy Awards as well as the President's speeches provide the material for Chapter 8. First Lady Michelle Obama and members of her family are featured in Chapter 9. Quotations from President Obama's friends; family and supporters can be found in Chapter 10. Also included in the Obama Quiz Book is an essay entitled, What President Barack Obama's Inauguration Means to Me written Brenda Truedell-Bell, a renowned African American Scientist. The Obama Quiz Book is meant for a diverse readership. This quiz book contains questions not only about President Obama, but the United States Presidency; United States Senate; United States electoral process and the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Now you can have the answers to some of these questions at your fingertips in the Obama Quiz Book.

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