Melody of Apathy

Melody of Apathy

Melody of Apathy

Marquis Xavier Grove

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Shift Fiction
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16,04 €
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Death and destruction seem inevitable; the fate of the world rests on a struggling few. As darkness threatens the shattered remains of Luminous, an unlikely hero emerges, standing between the world’s likely demise or doubtful survival. Called upon to follow a destiny she never imagined, Mabel is pulled from the safe confines of the only life she’s ever known and catapulted into a deadly battle. The fate of the world rests on her shoulders. To save herself and everyone around her, she’ll have to reconcile her feelings and embrace her abilities or watch this new world disintegrate into nothing. For her and the world of Luminous, failure will be costly, success will not be guaranteed, and nothing will remain the same.

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