I’ll Stay as Long as I Can

I’ll Stay as Long as I Can

I'll Stay as Long as I Can

Claire Nelson / Margy Nelson

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20,98 €
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I’ll Stay as Long as I Can is the heartwarming story of an extraordinary family that learns the true meaning of love and humor when life hands them the cruelest of blows. This true and unique story is told through the diaries of the mother, Margy, and Claire, her youngest child.Margy faces divorce, career change, the discovery of son’s autism, and finally her youngest child’s illness with determination, optimism and hope.Claire starts her diary as a six-year-old girl who lives her life through her dolls, animals and fairies. Her diary is her best friend and remains by her side as she’s forced to grow up all too soon, when she’s diagnosed with a brain tumor at 14 years of age.Overnight, Claire goes from being a self-absorbed teenager, to an adult faced with a life threatening illness. She writes about her battle against cancer with courage, and insight. This book is told over a ten year period. It is the unforgettable story of a family that finds their love for each other gives them strength they need to face life’s toughest battles. 3

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