Extraordinary Leadership

Extraordinary Leadership

Extraordinary Leadership

Cher Holton

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Holton Consulting Group, Inc.
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This transformational leadership book, grounded in state-of-the-art research and proven by real-life application in the trenches, moves beyond traditional leadership theories to introduce you to seven incredible Core Abilities and shows you how to connect with them to become an Extraordinary Leader who can bring out the very best in your people.All the techniques in the world won’t work if you aren’t maximizing your seven Core Abilities as a leader. This practical book is designed to help you understand these Core Abilities and develop them at a deep level, so you are equipped to create a work environment conducive to employee engagement, teamwork, customer loyalty, and productivity.The seven Core Abilities include: Authentegrity, Intuitive Wisdom, Inner Strength, Questioning Unquestioned Answers, Optimistic Spirit, Self-Reliance, and Mentoring Mindset. Each Core Ability is supported by current research from such important fields as positive psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, positivity, behavioral psychology, and more. Included with each chapter are practical strategies to strengthen the Core Ability, as well as a Laser Focus Technique and a Self-Directed Activity. Each Core Ability is associated with a carefully selected color, to further enhance your learning experience.This is a book you will want to keep readily available, and refer to often, as you continue to strengthen your quest to be an Extraordinary Leader. 3

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