Be Your Brand

Be Your Brand

Be Your Brand

Regan Hillyer

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Regan Hillyer, Affiliate of The Lumiere Project
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Confused, overwhelmed, or seriously lacking focus when it comes to your personal brand? I was that person too. I could have gone in 20 different directions. Should I be this? Should I create this? Should I launch this? What if it doesn’t work? The questions were endless. The biggest reason was, simply, I didn’t have a personal brand!  Fast forward 60 days and I now sit here with a well established brand, in profit, clearly defined by physical results.  I was the same me as I am right now. I was still Regan. I had the same values, the same beliefs, the same mission and the same voice. I just wasn’t positioning myself right, or, at all. I wasn’t stepping 100% into my greatness, simply because I didn’t know HOW.  And among the confusion and the questions and the lack of clarity, there’s one thing I now know for sure. You, too, ABSOLUTELY have a personal brand - that just hasn’t been established yet. You are an incredible, unique, amazing individual, unlike any other person walking the planet right now. You have a message, a voice, a soul. Yet here’s the challenge right now. You’re not branded.  Or, you’re not branded well.  If you’re someone who is a little afraid (or hugely afraid!) to step 100% into your greatness, this book will give you the strategy, the step by step system, in how to go from being unknown to unforgettable, in just 60 days. Whether your goal is: to be thousands of dollars in profit to expand your social media presence to connect with key people of influence for your story to be picked up by global media outlets to speak on international stages ...or to have a much bigger impact than ever before and play a much, MUCH bigger game… I’m here to tell you that you can do this. Are YOU ready to Be Your Brand?  Then sit back, relax, and enjoy unlocking the full system to developing, launching and accelerating your true message.

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