A Treatise Concerning Political Enquiry, and the Liberty of the Press [1800]

A Treatise Concerning Political Enquiry, and the Liberty of the Press [1800]

A Treatise Concerning Political Enquiry, and the Liberty of the Press [1800]

Tunis Wortman

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Wortman's Treatise Concerning Political Enquiry, and the Liberty of the Press advocates the importance of an independent press to promote democracy and a society in which freedom of speech is an inherent right and activity. Published soon after the First Amendment was ratified, the work can be seen as an elaboration of its clauses. It also provides a moral and ethical analysis of government and free speech.Tunis Wortman [d. 1822] was a New York City lawyer, newspaper publisher and politician aligned with Tammany Hall. He is known for his political tracts, one of which, A Solemn Address to Christians and Patriots, defended Jefferson against charges of atheism during the election of 1800.xii, 296 pp. 3

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