• Plan S for Shock
    Rachael Pells / Robert-Jan Smits
    Plan S for shock: the open access initiative that changed the face of global research This is the story of open access publishing - why it matters now, and for the future. In a world where information has never been so accessible, and answers are available at the touch of a fingertip, we are hungrier for the facts than ever before - something the Covid-19 crisis has brought to ...
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  • My Body Lives Like a Threat
    'My Body Lives Like a Threat 'is a deep exposition of gender and color-based discrimination, sexual and reproductive rights violations, body politics, immigration, and the impact of a toxic political environment on the country and its people. The full length has been divided into five sections namely 'Black Truth', 'War and Peace', 'My Body is Not an Apology', 'A Just Immigrati...
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  • Mai Hoon Kaun?
    Priya Gupta
    A book of contemporary riddles (paheli) in Hindi, with key to difficult words in English. Perfect for ages 5-15, this book has been illustrated by kids learning Hindi! A unique brain teaser for those who are learning the language. ...
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  • Levon’s Ride
    Chuck Dixon
    Levon Cade returns for book three in this relentless tale of action-packed retribution.They could steal any car, anywhere, at any time. Too bad for them that they chose Levon’s Ride.Levon and his daughter, Merry, are on the run. When their SUV is stolen from a mall parking lot, it’s up to Levon to find it. The car means nothing to him. But the million dollars in cash and uncut...
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  • Edge of Armageddon
    Brad Graft
    Set during the 13th century, Edge of Armageddon is the stirring climax in the Brotherhood of the Mamluks trilogy. The story brings together characters from Books 1 and 2: Duyal, the enslaved nomad boy who rose to command a reconnaissance unit; Leander, the French soldier who abandoned the Crusades to join the devout Islamic warriors he admired, and Baybars, a Kipchak from the E...
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  • Gravity Prevails
    Deeply aware of the centuries-old history, geography, and culture of the land spanning Texas and Mexico, Kamala Platt offers in Gravity Prevails the richness of re-memories of this living, breathing colonized geography that continues to nurture its inhabitants, human, animal, and flora. In rich lyricism, sonorous with Spanish, Indian and English languages, the poet hears men an...
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  • Roots of Redemption
    Iris De Anda
    In this collection, Los Angeles poet Iris de Anda serves as witness to the range of travesties and tragedies resulting from the Trump Era and what came before and continues.  The poet as testifier, as spy in the hole of society’s conscience, as brave foot soldier who pulls the pin on the hand grenade exploding with poetic truths-Iris de Anda ¡Presente!    ―Ana Castillo, So Far ...
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  • City on the Second Floor
    Hailed by historians and journalists alike as the 'best political poet in America' and 'poet laureate of struggle', Sedillo returns with another instant classic. City on the Second Floor is a meditation on how the world we build and rebuild every day attacks us in so very many unexamined ways. As its pages reveal, 'the city was built against us.' ...
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  • Bird of Passage
    Dr. Nooshie Guy Motaref
    Bird of Passage is a fascinating account of a woman, Mitra, born in Iran who moves through the world looking for love, spiritual healing, and an understanding of what has happened to her homeland. Due to the well-constructed plot arc, Mitra will feel like a dear friend by the end of the book. The plotting of this elaborate novel moves like a dramatic tapestry, skillfully design...
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  • Nothing Is Wasted
    DeSonte´ Cole
    This devotional is an interactive movement journey. This 30-day integration of faith, leadership, and lifestyle is a navigational guide that helps you construct a bridge from your now to your next. It expands on practical and biblical principles as a resource to help advance your legacy to the next level. This devotional is a call to move your potential to a kinetic state. Noth...
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  • Israelpolitik
    Lorena De Vita
    The rapprochement between Germany and Israel in the aftermath of the Holocaust is one of the most striking political developments of the twentieth century. German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently referred to it as a ’miracle’. But how did this ’miracle’ come about? In this book, Lorena De Vita traces the contradictions and dilemmas that shaped the making of German-Israeli rela...
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  • Ceramics and Composites
    Diana Petronela Burduhos-Nergis / Dumitru-Doru Burduhos-Nergis / Simona-Madalina Baltatu
    The book presents a state-of-the-art survey of ceramics and composites. It focuses on the flexible and efficient manufacture of objects with specific shapes, complexity and tailor-made characteristics and properties. Keywords: Metal Matrix Composites, Polymer Matrix Composites, Ceramic Composite Materials, Composite Manufacturing Methods, Compressive Pouring, Vacuum Bagging, Fi...
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