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  • Structural Design and Properties of Coordination Polymers
    The assembly of organic ligands and metal centres yields coordination polymers, many of which find applications in conductivity, catalysis, magnetism, gas sorption, biological sensing and luminescence. The structure and topology of coordination polymers may be manipulated by changing the reaction conditions, leading to a large variety of structurally and topologically unique pr...
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  • Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries 2017
    Kwo Young
    This book contains twenty papers focusing on research investigations in the field of nickel/metal hydride (Ni/MH) batteries in 2017. These papers summarize the joint efforts in Ni/MH battery research from BASF, Wayne State University, Michigan State University, FDK Corp, Institute for Energy Technology, Central South University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Zhe...
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  • Catalysis for Low Temperature Fuel Cells
    Today, the development of active and stable catalysts still represents a challenge to overcome in the research field of low temperature fuel cells. Operation at low temperatures demands the utilization of highly active catalysts to reduce the activation energy of the electrochemical reactions involved at the electrodes, and thus obtain practical performances and high efficienci...
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  • Trends in Microextraction Techniques for Sample Preparation
    Micro-extraction techniques in sample preparation are gaining interest among analytical chemists as they comply with green analytical chemistry demands and ensure environmental protection and public safety. Savings in cost and time are considered as valuable benefits by using novel micro-extraction approaches in sample handling. Selectivity, sensitivity and lower detection limi...
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  • Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction and Potential Applications
    Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling remains a powerful tool in organic synthesis for C–C bond formation and has various industrial applications, for example, the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and materials. Intensive research efforts are being made into finding ways of improving and expanding the scope of this process, and the development of more efficient catalytic systems for this e...
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  • Advances and Applications of Nano-antimicrobial Treatments
    Nowadays, great concerns are associated with the resistance demonstrated by many microorganisms towards the conventional antibiotic therapies. The failure of traditional antimicrobials, and the increasing healthcare costs, have encouraged scientific research and the development of novel antimicrobial agents. Particularly, there is a great deal of interest in nanotechnologies an...
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  • Handbook of Research on Uncovering New Methods for Ecosystem Management through Bioremediation
    Kajal Srivastava / Shivom Singh
    Maintaining and preserving the environment is a crucial consideration in an era where climate change and rising sea levels are common knowledge. It is important for researchers and developers alike to explore potential solutions for a steadily warming world. The Handbook of Research on Uncovering New Methods for Ecosystem Management through Bioremediation focuses on the agricul...
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  • Photovoltaic Materials and Electronic Devices
    Given the state-of-the-art in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and favorable financing terms, it is clear that PV has already obtained grid parity in specific locations [1]. Advances in the next generation of photovoltaic materials and photovoltaic devices can further reduce costs to enable all of humanity to utilize sustainable and renewable solar power [2]. This Special Iss...
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  • Catalytic Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds
    Jean-François Lamonier
    The degradation of air quality by the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air particularly harms human health and our environment. Regulation of outdoor VOC emissions are required to prevent the formation of ground-level ozone, which is principally responsible for photochemical smog. Indoor emissions of VOC have been the subject of recent consideration from man...
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  • The Story Book of Science
    Jean Henri Fabre
    Fabre had many scholarly achievements. He was a popular teacher, physicist, chemist and botanist. However, he is probably best known for his findings in the field of entomology, the study of insects, and is considered by many to be the father of modern entomology. Much of his enduring popularity is due to his marvelous teaching ability and his manner of writing about the lives ...
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  • La sangre animal
    Luis Mercado Segura / Pablo Pérez-Gavilán Escalante
    'LA SANGRE ¿PROBLEMA O RECURSO?' Conjunta los conocimientos que se han generado de la sangre animal. Incluye desde la cantidad de toneladas de sangre que se pueden obtener en el mundo de las principales especies animales (pollos, cerdos y bovino), evalúa su potencial nutricional, integrando las principales moléculas proteicas de la sangre. Re visa las formas en que se realiza e...
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  • The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives
    Tenney L. Davis / Tenney LDavis
    The present volume contains in one binding the whole contents of Volume I, first published in May, 1941, and the whole contents of Volume II which was published in March, 1943. The book was primarily for chemists. The writing of it was commenced in order that a textbook might be available for the use of students in the course in powder and explosives which the author gave for a...
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  • The Chemical History Of A Candle
    Michael Faraday
    The Chemical History Of A Candle: A Course Of Lectures Delivered Before A Juvenile Audience At The Royal Institution Edited By William CrookesThis book is a result of an effort made by us towards making a contribution to the preservation and repair of original classic literature.In an attempt to preserve, improve and recreate the original content, we have worked towards:1. Type...
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  • A Themed Issue of Functional Molecule-based Magnets
    Keiichi Katoh
    Research on molecule-based magnetic materials was systematized in the 1980s and expanded rapidly. A Special Issue focusing on molecule-based magnetic substances was published in Magnetochemistry. However, the functionalities of the substances increase daily; therefore, the researchers’ quest is not yet in decline. Research on molecule-based magnetism developed across many field...
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  • Electrospun Nanofibers for Biomedical Applications
    Electrospinning is a versatile and effective technique widely used to manufacture nanofibrous structures from a diversity of materials (synthetic, natural or inorganic). The electrospun nanofibrous meshes’ composition, morphology, porosity, and surface functionality support the development of advanced solutions for many biomedical applications. The Special Issue on 'Electrospun...
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  • Marine Glycoconjugates
    The books described marine glycoconjugates. Two articles concern microalgal metabolites such as steroid and sphingoid glycoconjugates, and a glycoprotein from a sea cucumber with interesting biological activities, respectively. One article discusses the fatty acid composition and thermotropic behavior of glycolipids and other membrane lipids of green macrophyte Ulva lactuca. Th...
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  • Chemical/Instrumental Approaches to the Evaluation of Wine Chemistry
    Wine is a widely consumed beverage due to its unique and pleasant sensory properties. Wine is composed of more than one thousand chemical compounds (e.g., alcohols, esters, acids, terpenoids, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, anthocyanins, minerals, and vitamins, among others) resulting from several chemical and biochemical processes. Microextraction techniques in tandem with hig...
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  • Novel Approaches for the Delivery of Anti-HIV Drugs
    José das Neves
    HIV/AIDS continues to be one of the most challenging individual and public health concerns of the present day. According to the UNAIDS, nearly 38 million individuals were living with the infection by the end of 2018, while 1.7 million new cases occurred during that same year. In spite of the numerous advances in the development and delivery of antiretroviral agents, both for tr...
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  • Bio-Based Polymers for Engineered Green Materials
    With daily signals, Nature is communicating us that its unconscious wicked exploitation is no more sustainable. Our socio-economic system focuses on production increasing without considering the consequences. We are intoxicating ourselves on a daily bases just to allow the system to perpetuate itself. The time to switch into more natural solutions is come and the scientific com...
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  • Fire Lighting Through the Ages - Science and Technique - Colour Edition
    Alessandro Contini
    Colour Edition: A fascinating journey discovering methods used by humankind to light fire throughout history, this one-stop compact book provides a comprehensive description of well- and lesser-known techniques, with a simplified description of the scientific principles underpinning each method.This book is the ideal companion for the survivalist or combustion science enthusias...
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  • Practical chemistry
    Lyman C. Newell
    This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature. This forms a part of the knowledge base for future generations. So that the book is never forgotten we have represented this book in a print format as the same form as it was originally first published. Hence any marks or annotations seen are left intentionally to preserve ...
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  • Food Authentication
    Raúl González-Domínguez
    Multiple factors can directly influence the chemical composition of foods and, consequently, their organoleptic, nutritional, and bioactive properties, including their geographical origin, the variety or breed, as well as the conditions of cultivation, breeding, and/or feeding, among others. Therefore, there is a great interest in the development of accurate, robust, and high-t...
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  • Catalytic Methods in Flow Chemistry
    The chemical industry is essential in the daily humn life of modern society; despite the misconception about the real need for chemical production, everyone enjoys the benefit of the chemical progress. However, the chemical industry generates a large variety of products, including (i) basic chemicals, e.g., polymers, petrochemicals, and basic inorganics; (ii) specialty chemical...
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  • Płyn wiertniczy
    Javad Heidarian / Koorosh Tookallo
    W dzisiejszych czasach utrzymanie stabilności odwiertu jest bardzo ważną działalnością w branży wiertniczej. Stabilność odwiertów można poprawić poprzez zaprojektowanie odpowiedniego płynu wiertniczego. Ze względu na charakterystykę utworów łupkowych w stosunku do ich składu jonowego, zawartość gliny oraz bardzo niską przepuszczalność Nano-Darcy przy bardzo małych nanometrowych...
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  • Chemia medyczna II
    Mojahidul Islam / Vijender Singh
    Książka ta dostarczy odpowiedniego zaplecza dla absolwentów i dyplomów studentów farmacji na temat chemii medycznej, gdzie istnieje potrzeba docenienia racjonalnych przesłanek stojących za syntezą leków. Studentom farmacji książka ta będzie pomocna w zrozumieniu podstawowych zasad i teorii związanych z syntezą związków organicznych i analizą próbki leku. Ten praktyczny podręczn...
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  • Química Medicinal II
    Mojahidul Islam / Vijender Singh
    Este livro fornecerá uma formação adequada para licenciados e diploma em Química Farmacêutica sobre química medicinal, onde há necessidade de apreciar as razões subjacentes à síntese de medicamentos. O estudante de Farmácia vai achar este livro útil na compreensão dos princípios básicos e teoria envolvidos na síntese de compostos orgânicos e na análise da amostra do fármaco. Es...
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  • Química medicinal II
    Mojahidul Islam / Vijender Singh
    Este libro proporcionará una base adecuada para los graduados y estudiantes de farmacia en química medicinal, donde es necesario apreciar las razones que hay detrás de la síntesis de las drogas. El estudiante de Farmacia encontrará este libro útil para comprender los principios básicos y la teoría que implica la síntesis de compuestos orgánicos y el análisis de la muestra de la...
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  • Medizinische Chemie II
    Mojahidul Islam / Vijender Singh
    Dieses Buch bietet einen geeigneten Hintergrund für Absolventen und Diplom-Pharmaziestudenten über medizinische Chemie, bei denen es notwendig ist, die Gründe für die Synthese von Medikamenten zu verstehen. Der Pharmaziestudent wird dieses Buch hilfreich finden, um die grundlegenden Prinzipien und die Theorie der Synthese von organischen Verbindungen zu verstehen und die Arznei...
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  • History of chemistry (Volume I) From the Earliest Times to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century
    Sir Edward Thorpe
    This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature. This forms a part of the knowledge base for future generations. So that the book is never forgotten we have represented this book in a print format as the same form as it was originally first published. Hence any marks or annotations seen are left intentionally to preserve ...
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  • Linee guida semplificate
    Marco Iammarino
    Con il termine 'Convalida' si intendono le procedure adottate e sviluppate dai laboratori per garantire l’affidabilità dei metodi analitici. Questa procedura è essenziale per certificare un metodo analitico, secondo lo standard internazionale ISO/IEC 17025:2005, e per assicurare la qualità e le prestazioni del metodo. Sono stati proposti diversi approcci per effettuare una vali...
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