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  • Coming Around
    Richard Rose
    While researching family history for his semibiographical opera Monte and Pinky, Richmond-based poet and songwriter Richard Rose came face to face with the fact of his ancestors’ involvement in the local slave trade. As a social and environmental activist, Rose became determined to explore and come to terms with the many consequences of the injustices in which his family took p...
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  • Triune
    C. C. Hannett
    “How can poetry be a page-turner? Yet this is, without losing any harsh seduction or strange familiarity. You don’t know what is going to happen next, but you know how you feel about it.”      Lydia Swartz ...
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  • Draft Vicinity
    Scott Thurston
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  • Red Bank
    David Annwn
    Intimately moving over and returning to a valley and fields to the south of Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire, Red Bank raises and interleaves versions of history and experience, amongst them that of a teenager in a school for young offenders in the late 1960s and the battle of Winwick Pass, 19 August 1648. Red bank stands in a nexus of vision: between the costly, oblivious masquer...
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  • Please Hear What I'm Not Saying
    Isabelle Kenyon
    With over 600 submissions, poets from around the world put their pens to paper to create this anthology, enthused by a common goal to raise money for UK mental health charity, Mind. With poems focusing on mental health from a wide range of experiences, this book aims to continue the worldwide conversation about mental health.The profits from this book go to UK Charity, Mind.Tri...
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  • The Queen of Brighton
    R M Bodley
    Ró Bodley is a true wordsmith, combining words in a manner that infuses them with a refreshing newness. His poems reflect an eventful life and evoke a wide range of emotive experiences. They are skilfully crafted, thought-provoking, moving, surprising, and, most of all, disarmingly honest. Invisible Voices is very proud to present you with this collection of these sublime poems...
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  • Logbook written by a drifter
    Tendai Rinos Mwanaka
    Logbook written by a drifter, is a cycle of interlinked poems that deal with life, spirituality, language, philosophy, love and relationships. A main theme are relationships which have changed the character. Those which the character doesn’t know how to deal with; which have make the character into a wreck, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually: he is in a small space. T...
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  • Africanization and Americanization Anthology, Volume 1
    Tendai Rinos Mwanaka
    Africanization and Americanization Anthology, Volume 1: Searching for Inter-racial, Interstitial, Inter-sectional, and Interstates meeting spaces, Africa Vs North America, comprises of 107 pieces from 43 poets, 4 essayists, 6 storytellers, and 1 playwright from North America and Africa regions: professors, leading theorists and researchers. The contributors are: Barbara Foley, ...
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    Robert Rahula
    This collection consists of expatriate poems selected from five of Robert Rahula’s best known books of poetry written during his years living in Europe, Mexico, and Central America.  The word expatriate derives from the French word expatrier (and originally from the Latin expatriatus) meaning to banish, and evokes a feeling of being forced out of one’s homeland… assuming one ev...
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  • She is a Pearl of Great Price
    Helen Anderson Baffuto
    Helen Anderson Baffuto’s first book weaves a timeless message of a young woman struggling to find the value of her life. She relates to that place in each of our hearts that questions, “Am I worth loving?”. On her quest she sees a unique pearl in a jewelry store window that would lead her to the answer that she has been searching for so long.There was someone who knew and under...
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  • Somerset
    Daniel Donaghy
    Somerset is an elegy for the Kensington section of Philadelphia in which the author was raised. Using a variety of styles and forms, it remembers people and cultures struggling to survive in the aftermath of deindustrialization and, now, an opioid epidemic. It is also a study in how our past continually informs our present, how we never fully leave those places in which our you...
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  • field guide to autobiography
    Melissa Eleftherion
    How does a person begin to enumerate the many fragments & fractals that comprise a life? field guide is an attempt at memoir through the lens of various animals & minerals including katydids, wrens, abalone shells, and apple trees.  'What is a species autobiography? An autobiography not written through the convention of the senses? What is the bone mouth, what is it to break t...
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  • North of Boston
    Robert Frost
    While A Boy’s Will informed the world that a new talent was on the horizon North of Boston proclaimed loudly that that talent had arrived. This extraordinary book of poetry put Robert Frost at the forefront of American poetry a position he would occupy for the rest of his life. This edition, unlike most other editions, has been carefully restored to its original first edition f...
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  • Thought Relics
    Rabindranath Tagore
    It is given to us to reveal our soul, that which is One in us, which is eternal. This can only be done by its passage through the fleeting Many; to assert the infinity of the spirit by continual sacrifice of forms. The self being the vessel that gathers and holds gives us the opportunity of giving up. If we believe only in self then we anxiously cling to our stores which causes...
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    Rabindranath Tagore
    The poet Kabîr is one of the most interesting personalities in the history of Indian mysticism. A great religious reformer, the founder of a sect to which nearly a million northern Hindus still belong, it is yet supremely as a mystical poet that Kabîr lives for us. A beautiful legend tells us that after his death his Mohammedan and Hindu disciples disputed the possession of his...
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  • Paradiso
    Dante Alighieri
    Paradiso is a first person narration of Dante’s travels through Hell, but at a deeper level it represents allegorically the soul’s journey towards God. At this deeper level, Dante draws on medieval Christian theology and philosophy. A powerful work of art that has stood the test of time. This is the brilliant Henry Wadsworth Longfellow translation that placed Dante in his prope...
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  • Poems of Peace
    James Allen
    James Allen is the author of the best selling As a Man Thinketh, one of the best selling self help books of all times. His prose is well known and has inspired millions of people through the years. Less known, though no less inspiring, are his poems. Collected here are thirty six of his finest works. ...
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  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    Jessie Weston
    Brave, chivalrous, loyally faithful to his plighted word, scrupulously heedful of his own and others’ honour, Gawain stands before us in this poem. We take up Malory or Tennyson, and in spite of their charm of style, in spite of the halo of religious mysticism in which they have striven to enwrap their characters, we lay them down with a feeling of dissatisfaction. ...
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  • Thanksgiver
    Shangyu Chen
    这些诗歌原来有一个名儿,叫《涌泉留痕》。我不认为自己是个诗人。然而,有那么一段时间,我的心开了,赞歌自内心深处喷涌而出,如飞花四溅,令我自己也惊呆了。舍不得让流经心底的甘泉徒然逝去,于是打开笔纸,一五一十记录下来。像一个农夫,看到地里蔬果熟了,喜不自禁地收到篮子里。我勾勒出的落叶,不一定能够找到埋葬的泥土,我绘画出的果子,不一定有人采摘,如歌声,飘进深谷,没有归宿。这,也不打紧。我衷心地写,这还不够吗? 哦不,我不要沉默。我让我的笔成为一管风笛,吹奏神曲,选择天空往地上吹气,吹它个姹紫嫣红。(——妙笔生花) 就这样,有了诗百篇。诗百篇大体分五个篇章,对歌、等候、呼唤、重逢、珍藏,每章二十篇 ...
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  • A Love That Will Last
    Richard Howell
    Richard (Dick) Howell was born into a long line of Gloucestershire farming families. His early childhood coincided with the Second World War, and left him with many lasting memories. Although he opted for an office career himself, his roots go deep, and his heart has always been in the beauty of the countryside. Having shared his schooldays with a Byron, a Keats and a Browning ...
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  • The Arrows That Choose Us
    Marilyn Annucci
    In The Arrows That Choose Us, Marilyn Annucci's poems of quiet observation startle with their precision: a curmudgeonly crow trapped in a yard “opens his wing like a set of black cards”; the knife at the bottom of a dishpan is “a mute battleship gone down on its side”; Houdini is “holding his breath at the bottom of your bathtub.” Metaphysical in scope, this collection offe...
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  • Unmasking Me
    Winny Mbianda
    Poetry is the love of my life. In it, I have learned to let my thoughts flow. It taught me to paint the pictures the world gave me. The poems you will read in this book are those I wrote during my bipolar moments, or should I say, my moments of both uncertainty and contentment. They narrate my path. They paint the beauty of the hills I have traveled, the swampy rivers I have sw...
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  • The Write Way to Grieve
    Terri Johnson
    The death of a child is one of the deepest traumas known. When a child commits suicide, the trauma strikes deeper because of the guilt, social stigma and unanswered questions associated with suicide. How did everyone miss the signs of this child’s emotional turmoil? Why did this happen?There is no right way to grieve the death of a loved one.The Write Way to Grieve tells the st...
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  • Lyrics for a Low Noon
    James Ralston
    James Ralston, in his debut collection, delivers with an edgy honesty and complex humor the difficulties of loving and being loved. His poems explore sex and separation, the highs of intimacy with someone that devolve into something lesser, and yet he says, ‘Don’t think of us as failed or sad./As love drops down into its grave,/finally deep enough,/imagine us as brave at last.’...
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  • Coming Back Home
    N. Thomas Johnson-Medland
    If you have never been inside of a prison, there are things you will not know about the community there. You may guess at them, but that is not the same. What it feels like. What it sounds like. What goes on there; these all define portions of what it is. These definitions, or parameters of life inside, come to you quite viscerally. You feel them in and through your skin before...
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  • A Path with No Name
    Mali A Mann
    Dr. Mali Mann is one of the most productive members of our Physician Writers Group. It is very gratifying to see her collect her poems – many of which she has presented at our public readings on Campus – into a single volume. The collection highlights the breadth of her poetic skills, dealing with issues as disparate as immigration, grief brought on by family transitions, a pat...
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  • Shadow Work
    Tavius Dyer
    Tavius Dyer looks at the parts of himself he hasn't wanted to look at--those hiding in the shadows--and brings them into the open for re-integration. The poems move from darkness to recovery by creatively exploring a self sometimes reluctant to step into the light. Near-death experiences, incarceration, divorce, and the loss of an only child are motivations to finding the o...
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  • Flowers for the Soul
    Narad Richard M. Eggenberger
    Within the pages of this book are the inspired utterances of writers and poets, philosophers and teachers, seers, sages, saints and mystics, of gardeners and those who simply love and admire the beauty of flowers and the deeper meaning of their presence on earth. May the light contained in the poetry, sayings and observations of these sensitive, often enlightened souls, fill yo...
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  • Snow Raining on Glass
    Lois Mathieu
    By turns joyful, melancholy, angry, and hopeful, Snow Raining on Glass presents honest, vivid, sensual poems that are revelatory and replete with startling images. They reward multiple readings but are eminently accessible, avoiding needless obscurity. Lois Mathieu’s poems sweep through the mystery of life’s table of sorrows and take to a playing field where abundant joy and so...
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  • Travelling Through the Unexpected
    Lynette Arden
    ‘Lynette Arden lets us sit in the window seat while Travelling Through the Unexpected, as she distils crisp moments into memorable free-verse snapshots, stunning villanelles, haiku or tanka.  Arden observes the fringe of fur on hippo ears; the giraffe’s neck, escalator-long; and how the cricket stutter stops at a footfall.  Equally adept at portraying her fellow humans, Arden n...
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