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  • Ochumaré Takes On the Black Snake
    Dr. Kat Williams
    Part current events and part myth, this storybook was inspired by the 2016 protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Reservation. It imagines the unseen forces at play in that historic gathering; portraying the mythical beings that come to the aid of the Water Protectors in their fight against the Black Snake. Ochumaré the Rainbow Serpent, the two-spirit orisha...
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  • Thoughts On Unity
    Todd Lorentz
    “Life is suffering”…so declared the Buddha more than 2500 year ago. No truer than this is what we are witnessing in the world today. War, widespread depression and mental illness, mass refugee movements, poverty, injustice and a collapsing global environment stand as testimony to the suffering that humanity endures based on the separation and alienation brought about by wrong i...
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  • A Journey of Creative Healing
    Mary Atkins
    “In a time so in need of true elders to guide the coming generations, Mary is a shining example of someone who walks her talk, whose purpose in life is to serve and encourage others to be true to themselves.” KIMBA AREM, MUSIC THERAPISTI need to put my focus on being creative. I need to create something new each day. It doesn’t matter what—I simply need to focus on the planning...
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  • Ayurveda In Nepal
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  • Finding the Elephant
    David Reginald Burfoot
    It is no secret that modern knowledge has become specialised into increasingly narrower ‘silos’. While this has had its advantages, more are becoming aware that important connections are being neglected. What if our universe does not care to comply with the separations we have created? What if there are ‘mega-phenomena’, phenomena so broad in nature that they are concealed fro...
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  • Kundalini yoga
    Ben Yosef Har-Zion David / David Ben Yosef Har-Zion Prabhuji / David Ben Yossef Har-Zion Prabhuji / Prabhuji David Ben Yosef Har-Zion
    Kundalini-yoga, el poder esta en ti ofrece explicaciones precisas acerca de esta sabiduria ancestral. El libro esclarece los sintomas y los efectos del despertar de la kundalini y ofrece exactas descripciones acerca de cada chakra y su respectivo funcionamiento.El kundalini-yoga apunta a la revelacion del secreto mismo de la creacion que yace en nuestro interior. Consiste en un...
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  • Epona
    P.D. MacKenzie Cook
    Epona: Hidden Goddess of the Celts reflects the importance of gender in ancient religion, and the author explores the primacy of the Feminine through Epona's sovereignty as Horse Goddess among the Celts; her identity as 'Mistress of Animals' in her love affairs and working relationships, and the surprising role she apparently played in the ancient Greek and Roman Mysteries....
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  • Blooming into Mindfulness
    Martha Brettschneider
    In a world that pushes us to always look for the next best thing, Blooming into Mindfulness shows you how to break the cycle of discontent and take control of your own happiness.Narrated with humor and raw honesty, Martha Brettschneider shares her transformation from ego-centered screaming mommy to a meditation-touting creative, finally at peace with the world.Inspirational, mo...
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  • Underworld & Archetypes Fully Illustrated
    James Bennett
    Looking at today’s culture through the lens of mythology, James Bennett sees a split between heaven and earth, and believes that to restore global health we must turn our attention downwards, to the Underworld. He proposes that:• Heaven and hell represent the intellect and body if they become polarized. The darkness of the underworld symbolizes its obscurity to intellect.• Inte...
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  • Why Follow Rules?
    James Maberly
    Why do we follow rules and organised systems so blindly and so willingly? Why do so many of us draw our sense of worth from the opinions of others rather than from ourselves? Why do we ignore the most important resource we will ever have: our intuition? Through a series of eight questions, Maberly invites us to consider these points and in particular to embrace our intuition....
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  • Los Aliados de La Humanidad Libro Uno (The Allies of Humanity, Book One - Spanish Edition)
    Marshall Vian Summers
    Los Discursos de los Aliados de la Humanidad presentan una asombrosa nueva revelación sobre la Intervención extraterrestre encubierta y sobre cómo esta se está aprovechando del conflicto humano, de la discordia religiosa y del colapso medioambiental para causar más separación y controlar a una familia humana dividida. La llegada de fuerzas intervinientes de más allá de nuestro ...
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  • Scottish Rite Masonry Vol.1 Paperback
    Blanchard John
    This Rite is now the ascendant troughout the Masonic worl. It consists of thirty-three degrees, counting the three old York Rite Degrees: Entered Apprentice; fellow craft; and master mason; which three degrees are the basis of all the Masonic Rites ...
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  • How to become who you are
    Ratziel Bander
    Every person’s individual conceptual reality is held in place by the subconscious, which exists on the periphery of our conscious experience. The conscious mind did not establish these conceptual constructions; they were gathered from experience by the subconscious and constructed to keep us safe. The ancient Greeks of the mystery schools called the result of this construction ...
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  • Love Never Dies - A Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories of the Afterlife
    Jane de Forest
    Psychic artist and medium Jane de Forest draws on the invisible world behind our five senses in this entertaining first-hand account of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife. She investigates how the connections and bonds shared in earthly relationships are unbroken by death in this richly illustrated book filled with beautiful art and gentle insights. Ba...
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  • Aradia
    Charles Godfrey Leland
    This wonderful book describes the creation according to Italian witch-lore. We also read about the witch-meeting or sabbath (treguenda) and it contains many original magical recipes, like spells for love and good fortune. Diana is further connected to the Moon and the fairy world.Where Leland’s Etruscan Magic and Occult Remedies deals with the entire pantheon of old Italian god...
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  • YOU are the BRAND
    Janey Lee Grace
    Are you an Expert, Author, Coach, Practitioner, Entrepreneur, or would you like to write a book or develop a heart-centred business? Would you like to grow your business or attract more visibility for the authentic work you do?  If you have a passion and a purpose, a product or service that you believe in, a message that you want to share, this book is for you.            In th...
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  • In the Vault
    Tolu Adesina
    True beauty is found in the flaws formed in difficult and painful moments, which often happens over many years and while hidden from view.  At times of hurt and loss, you can feel rejected and of no value or worth.  Pearls emerge as a result of pain and trauma and the dazzle of a diamond depends on the flaws within it.  At its heart, this book deals with the trauma of lost love...
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  • Tools of the Spirit
    Robert Brian Dilts / Robert Mcdonald
    A book by Robert Dilts and Robert McDonald, Tools of the Spirit (1997) encompasses their approach to integrating basic NLP skills and tools with higher levels of experience.In the words of Gregory Bateson, Spirit is “the pattern which connects” all things together as a kind of “larger Mind” of which we as individuals are a subsystem.Manifestations of the Spirit, in the form of ...
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  • Finding the Stairway to Heaven
    Nancy Ouellet
    Jasmine Mae Cavanaugh's life journey was not easy and she ultimately died of an accidental overdose at the age of 39. She was bright and beautiful and should have had the world by the tail, but she had Borderline Personality Disorder and a long history of drug addiction. Because of this, she didn't see the world the way the rest of us did and made many poor choices duri...
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  • Ser mujer no es fácil
    Susanne Smolinska
    Plena, creativa, sensual, capaz, perseverante, tierna, ingeniosa, fuerte, qué importa el adjetivo.A lo largo de la historia, las mujeres hemos sido pieza clave de movimientos, logros y cambios, sin embargo, a veces nos olvidamos de lo más importante: nosotras mismas.Considera este libro un tiempo para ti, un tiempo de reflexión que te has ganado por el simple (o complicado) hec...
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  • El yoga de la sabiduría. Bhagavad Gita
    Pedro Nonell
    Quien se sumerja en el profundo océano de sabiduría del Bhagavad Gita descubrirá unos principios ético-espirituales atemporales y universales: Ahimsa, desapego por el fruto de las acciones, armonía entre religiones así como la dimensión espiritual de la Ciencia del Yoga y de sus caminos (Raja, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti), todos válidos.«Cuando la bondad desfallece, cuando la maldad a...
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  • Apuntes sobre budismo. Del sutra al koan y el tantra
    José Luis Miguel
    Apuntes sobre Budismo. Del Sutra al koan y al tantra es un libro que trata sobre la historia y filosofía budista, que describe algunas de las principales corrientes históricas de esta tradición religiosa. Sin embargo, en cierto modo, también es una obra de ficción, ya que el hilo conductor que arma la historia es un relato novelado. Las conversaciones de un maestro zen japonés ...
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  • Acercándonos al plano de la iluminación
    Irma Alamillo Falcón
    Este libro es el resultado de un trabajo de canalizaciones a través de las cuales se recibieron varios mensajes de diferentes Maestros Ascendidos, los cuales hablan cada uno de diferentes temas y filosofías, siempre enfocadas en la luz y en el amor para la apertura de conciencias de aquellos que están listos para recibirlos.Algunos de los Maestros que compartieron sus enseñanza...
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  • Frases (Volumen I).
    Jenny Arias
    Frases para inspirar, cuestionar el mundo, compartir con los demás. Pensamientos que reflejan la realidad en la que vivimos y que buscan que el lector descubra su sabiduría interior, su conexión emocional con el universo, a través de una lectura diaria, breve.Estos mensajes, escritos por Jenny Arias, se relacionan con la motivación, la superación para escoger, cada día, el mejo...
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  • Essential guide to the Psychedelic Renaissance
    Antón Gómez Escolar
    In this guide you will learn all the essentials about the history, neuroscience, legality, therapeutic applications and harm reduction of the most promising psychedelic drugs for science. After decades of international prohibition these molecules are returning to laboratories and clinics, hand in hand with the most rigorous science, to revolutionize the way we understand and tr...
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  • Psychedelics and mental health
    de Caso Irene
    Learn about the therapeutic uses of classical psychedelics and empathogens as revolutionary tools for neuroplasticity and mental health. Discover how they promote profoundly revealing mental states capable of restructuring our internal models of the world, reconsolidate traumatic memories and improve our social relationships. How do they affect the brain? What characteristics m...
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    Vargas Guerrero, Alejandro
    Esta es una obra muy enriquecedora y una herramienta muy sencilla para descubrir lo que hay tras el velo de la mal llamada muerte. A través de Víctor, mi guía, contaremos todo lo que acontece en el mundo espiritual, del que tanto se ha hablado. Víctor nos revelará diferentes realidades que hasta ahora muchas personas desconocen y que les van a llevar a cuestionarse muchas de la...
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  • El despertar impersonal
    J.J. Gonzagui
    El despertar impersonal es un cuaderno de bitácora de valor incalculable para aquel que se ha impuesto la meta de descubrir su propia naturaleza profunda. Pocos autores tan experimentados en las ciencias meditativas como su autor, J. J. Gonzagui, quien no ahorra en este libro de absoluta clarividencia, el más mínimo matiz de la pormenorizada descripción de los paisajes que se e...
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  • Manual: ¡La felicidad NO es una utopía!
    Concepcion Hernández Sánchez
    Te doy la bienvenida a este manual.Nos adentraremos en una forma de vida consciente, la única forma de vida posible.Abandonaremos el victimismo y seremos capaces de afrontar los retos de nuestra vida de una manera activa y fructífera.¿Nuestras armas?El pensamiento, las emociones, el lenguaje interno y la mente subconsciente.Aprenderás a utilizar en tu día a día un sinfín de her...
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