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  • Air Quality Monitoring and Forecasting
    Air quality is personal. Its management is highly so. Asthmatic or air-pollutant-sensitive individuals depend on accurate air quality forecasts to help manage their daily activities.  However, the adverse effects of poor air quality on public health and visibility extend far beyond the daily time horizon. Pneumonic and cardiac vascular responses of individuals in all age groups...
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  • Polarimetric SAR Techniques and Applications
    Carlos López-Martínez / Juan Manuel Lopez-Sanchez
    An increasing number of spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems have been equipped with polarimetric capabilities: ALOS and ALOS-2, Radarsat-2, TerraSAR-X, Envisat-ASAR, Sentinel-1a/b, etc. Future mission will still present this type of diversity: RCM, SAOCOM, Cosmo-Skymed 2nd generation or PAZ. Polarimetry allows sensitivity to the structural and geometric properties...
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  • Innovative Strategies and Frameworks in Climate Change Adaptation
    Alexander G. Flor / Benjamina Gonzalez Flor
    The changes the earth is currently undertaking has been at the forefront of scientific discourse in recent years. Humans as a species have needed to react to these changes and shift their behavior accordingly. Innovative Strategies and Frameworks in Climate Change Adaptation: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a critical scholarly resource that examines the relationship bet...
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  • Coastal Sea Levels, Impacts and Adaptation
    Extreme sea levels can lead to hazardous events, such as coastal flooding, erosion, or salt water intrusion, with-wide ranging environmental, societal, and economic consequences. In combination with climate-driven sea-level rise, and, potentially, additional changes in storminess, dynamic wave contributions, and tidal dynamics, the adverse consequences of extreme oceanographic ...
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  • Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Geoinformatics
    Saro Lee
    Recently, a need has arisen for prediction techniques that can address a variety of problems by combining methods from the rapidly developing field of machine learning with geoinformation technologies such as GIS, remote sensing, and GPS. As a result, over the last few decades, one particular machine learning technology, known as artificial neural networks, has been successfull...
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  • Exploration Science
    Dr Peter T Scott
    About Exploration ScienceHave you wondered what the science of geology is all about?Together we will explore of the surface and sub-surface of the Earth, the sub-branches of geology, including mineralogy, petrology (rocks), palaeontology (fossils), geochemistry, seismology (earthquakes), engineering geology, and many more.The scientific method used by all scientists as well as ...
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  • Checklist of Papuasian Orchids
    Paul Ormerod
    This is the most comprehensive account to date of all Papua New Guineas wild orchids and will no doubt prove to be the essential reference to PNG's orchids for all botanists, ecologists and orchid enthusiasts for decades to come. All types and relevant data including where published are listed and the herbariums where they are kept. All synonymous names, where published and...
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  • Modelación matemática de la velocidad de reptación de depósitos coluviales mediante el análisis dimensional
    Patricio Ochoa Cañizares
    La divulgación científica siempre es un reto estimulante. En este caso, el ingeniero Patricio Ochoa Cañizares nos adentra en un ámbito fascinante de las ciencias naturales: la geología. Su estudio explicita una fórmula matemática que cumple el desafío de predecir la velocidad de reptación de depósitos coluviales laderas formadas por coluviones.Una prometedora propuesta que faci...
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  • Precalculo para todos
    Jorge Alfonso Sáenz
    Introducción amigable y práctica a la matemática superior, orientada a estudiantes de carreras de ciencias o ingeniería,participantes en exámenes de admisión universitarios, oautodidactas que inician en disciplinas vinculadas a la ciencia y la tecnología.La obra entrega al lector todos los conocimientos necesarios para una cómoda integración en cursos de Cálculo. A tal efecto, ...
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  • Resuelve tú mismo el problema de consumo de energía eléctrica y no pierdas más dinero
    Miguel Torres Crisanto
    En los últimos 4 años, México aumentó el costo por consumo de energía eléctrica en un 36% para el sector comercial y 40% para el sector residencial de alto consumo.Muy pocas personas toman conciencia del pago que realiza por el suministro de energía eléctrica, este libro te guiará para que NO PIERDAS MAS DINERO y aprendas TÚ MISMO cómo RESOLVER este problema de los altos costos...
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  • Principles Of Geology
    Charles Lyell
    Principles Of Geology: Or, The Modern Changes Of The Earth And Its Inhabitants Considered As Illustrative Of Geology.This book is a result of an effort made by us towards making a contribution to the preservation and repair of original classic literature.In an attempt to preserve, improve and recreate the original content, we have worked towards:1. Type-setting & Reformatting: ...
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  • Cutting-Edge Technologies for Renewable Energy Production and Storage
    Matteo Prussi
    Anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are dramatically influencing the environment, and research is strongly committed to proposing alternatives, mainly based on renewable energy sources. Low GHG electricity production from renewables is well established but issues of grid balancing are limiting their application. Energy storage is a key topic for the further deployment ...
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  • Biological Communities Respond to Multiple Human-Induced Aquatic Environment Change
    Perturbations linked to the direct and indirect impacts of human activities during the Anthropocene affect the structure and functioning of aquatic ecosystems to varying degrees. Some perturbations involve stress to aquatic life, including soil and water acidification, soil erosion, loss of base cations, release of trace metals/organic compounds, and application of essential nu...
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  • Disturbance Effects on Soil Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Forest Ecosystems
    Forest ecosystems are often disturbed by agents such as harvesting, fire, wind, insects and diseases, and acid deposition, with differing intensities and frequencies. Such disturbances can markedly affect the amount, form, and stability of soil organic carbon in, and the emission of greenhouse gases, including CO2, CH4, and N2O from, forest ecosystems. It is vitally important t...
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  • Overcoming Data Scarcity in Earth Science
    heavily Environmental mathematical models represent one of the key aids for scientists to forecast, create, and evaluate complex scenarios. These models rely on the data collected by direct field observations. However, assembly of a functional and comprehensive dataset for any environmental variable is difficult, mainly because of i) the high cost of the monitoring campaigns an...
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  • Extraction Strategies to Recover Bioactive Compounds, Incorporation into Food and Health Benefits
    We are pleased to present this book, which is a reprint of articles from the Special Issue entitled 'Extraction Strategies to Recover Bioactive Compounds, Incorporation into Food, and Health Benefits' published online in the open access journal Foods (ISSN 2304-8158) from 2019 to 2020 (available at: Firstly, this bo...
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  • The Problem of Increasing Human Energy
    Nikola Tesla
    NIKOLA TESLA was one of the most influential inventors of the last century. Eventually holding over 700 patents, Tesla worked in a number of fields, including electricity, robotics, radar, and the wireless transmission of energy. His discoveries laid the groundwork for many of the twentieth century’s greatest technological advances.This book explains Tesla’s thoughts on humanit...
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  • When The Moon Came
    L. Mason Jones
    This is a work that examines the many mysteries and anomalies regarding our Moon.  It has been said that there is no scientific consensus of opinion regarding the Moon and its origins.  A scientist also stated, “By all known cosmic laws the Moon should not be there”.  Over 800 lbs of Moon rock have been retrieved that instead of explaining the Moon and its mysteries, have only ...
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  • Landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean between the Future and the Past
    Landscapes have long been viewed as ’multifunctional’, integrating ecological, economic, sociocultural, historical, and aesthetic dimensions. Landscape science and public awareness in Europe have been progressing in leaps and bounds. The challenges involved in landscape-related issues and fields, however, are multiple and refer to landscape stewardship and protection, as well a...
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  • Agroforestry Systems
    Planting trees in the agricultural landscape, in the form of establishing agroforestry systems, has a significant role to play in potentially improving ecosystem services, such as increased biodiversity, reduced soil erosion, increased soil carbon storage, improved food security and nutrition, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. While the role of trees in agroforestry systems...
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  • Managing Forests and Water for People under a Changing Environment
    Forests cover 30% of the Earth’s land area, or nearly four billion hectares. Enhancing the benefits and ecosystem services of forests has been increasingly recognized as an essential part of nature-based solutions for solving many emerging global environmental problems today. A core science supporting forest management is understanding the interactions of forests, water, and pe...
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  • Advances in Heterocatalysis by Nanomaterials
    Heterogeneous catalysis played, plays, and will continue to play, a major key role in industrial processes for large-scale synthesis of commodity chemicals of global importance, and in catalytic systems that possess a critical role in energy generation and environmental protection approaches. As a result of the ongoing progress in materials science, nanotechnology, and characte...
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  • Mineralogy of Noble Metals and 'Invisible' Speciations of These Elements in Natural Systems
    Galina Palyanova
    This Special Issue covers a broad range of topics related to the mineralogy of noble metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, and Ru) and the occurrence, formation, and distribution of these elements in natural ore-forming systems. This collection of eleven research articles discusses various problems related to these topics. I hope this Special Issue will contribute to a better understandi...
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  • Sustainable Use of Soils and Water
    Fernando António Leal Pacheco
    This book on the sustainable use of soils and water addressed a variety of issues related to the utopian desire for environmental sustainability and the deviations from this scene observed in the real world. Competing interests for land are frequently a factor in land degradation, especially where the adopted land uses do not conform with the land capability (the natural use of...
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  • Modelling and Management of Irrigation System
    Irrigation is becoming an activity of precision, where combining information collected from various sources is necessary to optimally manage resources. New management strategies, such as big data techniques, sensors, artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and new technologies in general, are becoming more relevant every day. As such, modeling techniques, both ...
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  • Offshore Wind Farms
    The coastal zone is the host to many human activities, which have significantly increased in the last decades. However, sea level rise and more frequent storm events severely affect beaches and coastal structures, with negative consequences and dramatic impacts on coastal communities. These aspects add to typical coastal problems, like flooding and beach erosion, which already ...
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  • Annually Laminated Lake Sediments
    The collection of papers presented in this book illustrates the recent progress made in varved sediment research and highlights the large variety of methodological approaches and research directions applied. The contributions cover monitoring of modern sediment fluxes using sediment traps; geochronological and sedimentological analyses of annually laminated lacustrine sediments...
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  • Understanding Game-based Approaches for Improving Sustainable Water Governance
    The sustainable governance of water resources relies on processes of multi-stakeholder collaborations and interactions that facilitate knowledge co-creation and social learning. Governance systems are often fragmented, forming a barrier to adequately addressing the myriad of challenges affecting water resources, including climate change, increased urbanized populations, and pol...
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  • Living Earth Community
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  • Living Earth Community
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