I, Alien

I, Alien

I, Alien

Robert P. Illes

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The Ishmael Tree
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27,63 €
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Marc de Lugg is a 30ish nebbish, a failed sci-fi writer with a dead end job and a philandering wife living in a mobile home in Nevada. So, naturally when he’s abducted by aliens, it’s almost a relief. In contrast to his life on Earth, the denizens of the planet find him admirable, loveable – indeed they consider him “The Chosen One.” Marc thinks they’ve got the wrong guy but he’s happy to accept their devotion. However, they have one fervent request for him – go on a death defying mission on Earth to rescue one of their fellows held kidnapped by a crazy American Army general on a secret military base. Marc is terrified but agrees for fear of letting down another planet. Will Marc ever find his guts? Will life ever be the same after his mission a trillion miles away from Earth? 3

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