Connoisseur of Chaos

Connoisseur of Chaos

Connoisseur of Chaos

Theodore G Rork

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Theodore Rork
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Ficción histórica
9,93 €
IVA incluido

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After two years of a barren marriage, Hye-jin Pak is returned in disgrace to her family, only to be sold by her father as a sex slave to the Japanese Army in occupied Korea. She has two choices; suicide or survival, and she can't bear to end her own life. After WWII ends, she is freed. Five years later, North Korea invades, and she escapes south when it's apparent Communism is not a bandage for the war ravaged country. She meets American Marines and sets on the path to self-preservation, by building them a brothel. Hye-jin cares for her girls as if they were her own, but soon discovers there's a bigger plight than that of being a prostitute: mixed blood Korean-American children no one wants. She builds them an orphanage, but taking them in isn's enough. She's savvy, and arranges for the highest level of education for her children, convincing American doctors to train them. Her journey is filled with sacrifice and strife, but she'll always fight for what's right. Will she succeed?

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